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LatviešuEnglish (United Kingdom)

Date and place of birth: February 25, 1954, Riga, Latvia.

Education: Graduated from the Painting Department of the Latvian State Art Academy (1979).

Painter: Member of the Latvian Artists' Union (since 1985).

Participated in the following exhibitions in Latvia and abroad (since 1980):

Latvian Artists' Union annual Autumn and Art Days exhibitions;

thematic exhibitions devoted to young artists, pastels, portraits, jubilees, war and sports;

the All Latvian Painting Exhibition;

painting exhibitions in Vilnius (the Baltic Triennales);

thematic exhibitions and the International Galleries Symposium in Moscow;

painting exhibitions in Prague, Bonn and Paris;

and gallery expositions and exhibitions in Riga, Paris, Chicago, New York and Montreal.

Personal exhibitions in Riga:

gallery Jana Seta (1990),

salon Ra debesis (2005),

gallery Cherado Art Empire (2006),

Benjamin House (2008),

Latvian Artists Union gallery (2011).